What to do on snow days

I live in Atlanta. It's been extremely chilly and slightly snowy, and whenever it gets even remotely snowy, the city shuts down. Schools, businesses, everything; it's hilarious and a moment where students all over are overjoyed. 

So, since we've been receiving multiple snow days, here's a little list of a few ideas on what to do during those snowed in days. 

- Go play in the snow! Then rush back in because it's freezing. 

- Do some at home yoga or pilates (blogilates videos on youtube are super good and easy

- Write. Write about your life, your feelings, whatever's going on- writing is therapeutic. 

- Schedule a full day of Netflix or movies. Choose maybe a trilogy or a series you've been wanting to watch, get a bunch of blankets, pillows and snacks and make your own comfy fort.

- Paint your nails (it's always super relaxing and fun).

- Go on a  mini adventure to somewhere close by. Maybe it's a coffee shop, a little lunch place, or a park. Walk there to completely experience your little journey, take friends if you want.

- Put on a face mask, shave your legs, take a bubble bath. 

- Cook for your family; make a full meal, even if your cooking is terrible and frightening.

- Try to do some of the DIY Pinterest projects you've been putting off.

- Experiment with makeup, clothes, everything. Make outfits, makeup looks, and try different things out. You'd be surprised at what you like. 

- Online shop. Take your time, explore small businesses, find something you've been wanting forever.

Most of all, make the most of the day. You have a whole day to bask in, whether indoors or not. Get into the winter mode, make hot chocolate. Or anticipate Spring like no one else by making a new pinterest board, summer outfits, and a summer list on things to do. Relax, pamper yourself, and enjoy!