Hey babes! 
I live in Atlanta and finally, after November feeling like Spring, it is cold. Although many people buy whole new wardrobes for winter, I refuse, partly because: 
1. Summer-clothes-turned winter are AWESOME and 2. I'm broke. 
Ok I'm not actually broke, but Christmas is here and I love buying gifts for people so that's where my paycheck is going this year (plus a car) (and college) (wow adulthood is terrifying) :)
Alright, the outfit!
Believe it or not, that navy jersey maxi dress (like this one) was actually my Junior Prom dress (lol) I picked something I could wear again and it totally worked out. For a cold winter day, I threw a comfy sweater (like this one) over it and added some booties. 

So there you have it, a maxi dress-turned winter wear all with a little warm sweater. Let me know if you've got any other winter ootd ideas! 
Much love,