My Take On: Pasta With Tomato Water

Hey guys!
Drumroll please… I've been cooking. It took me a little while to actually enjoy it, but last night I tried out this Pasta with tomato water
So here's a quick recap of my experience and some pics. 
It's a surprisingly easy meal to make, but whenever I see "30 min" on a recipe I just assume 1 hour because I'm not on "Chopped" and I can take my time. 
Although the pasta was delicious, I tried halving the amount butter and garlic needed and things ended up being a little bland; stick with the recipe. 
Also, I made such an easy chicken with it: Cut up pieces of chicken, add salt, pepper, the tomato water that you made for the pasta, and ragu. Oh and I added pesto instead of basil at the top, I personally loved it with pesto!

So that's my experience! Let me know if you try this recipe out and wish me luck on my cooking adventures!
Much love,