#AddAdventure: Birthday.

Hey guys!

So things have been pretty crazy lately, we went to Boynton Beach (video here), then decided that a random trip to Colombia would be a good idea. And it totally was :) 
It was a short and sweet trip; we visited family, went to the dentist, got my passport done, etc. Caleb got to tag along and meet my whole family :o, he also met my dog too :) and got his wisdom teeth out :o

But before all that, I turned 18. I don't feel any different and I didn't go clubbing or anything- Caleb took me to the Coca Cola factory, we had sushi and ended the night with a midnight run to Dairy Queen #yas.
So here's a little video of my birthday and how we spent it (we were basically just goofy and silly and fun)

Hope you guys have an amazing day and thank you so much for watching these little mash up videos!
Much love,