Because I think this looks fantastic

Funny story yesterday: 

I had dreamt up this gorgeous outfit. The moment my boyfriend saw it, he said "are you sure you want to wear that?" 

I know right. Thank goodness I was unbothered, double checked and wore it (and worked it too). 

However, it made me think about the way others perceive different styles. An outfit we might think is stunning can look tacky to others. This led me to a simple conclusion: wear what you want. I don't mean wear a mini skirt if you're going to a funeral. Wear what you want according to where you're going. I'm not going to wear to church what I'd wear to an outdoor concert. But I'm still going to keep my unique sense of style. If you think vintage jeans and fancy heels look good together, go for it! If you think clashing prints is your style, wear it! Fashion is about making it your own, and putting pieces together in a way only you could think of. Isn't that exciting? 

All you need is confidence to pull it off. 

Honestly, you could have a celebrity stylist and still look frumpy if you're not confident in who you are and how you look. Girls will always talk, most boys will never understand, and everyone will always judge. That's not your problem. Your mission is to simply express yourself and look fabulous while doing so. If you're ever in doubt about an outfit, ask someone that knows your style and whom you trust. For me it's my mum, for you it could be your sister, best friend, or aunt. But please, don't let other people's opinions dim your style. You're not here to please them.

Oh and don't hate my boyfriend! We were going to be out and he was worried my ankles would potentially freeze and I'd get tired in my heels. (He loves my style. Or at least I think he does).