Why Vintage?

Vintage clothes have stories. That's what I like about them.                                                               The fact that probably no one else will have what you're wearing doesn't hurt either.

I had a gorgeous black dress that I thrifted. It felt like it was made for me. It was short and lacy, tight at the top, and flared out on the bottom. Whenever I would turn or move it would do this flowy swingy thing; I felt like an edgy princess or a more fashionable Regina George. I wore this dress more times than I can remember. This soft, flirty dress became my first go-to little black dress. For a young girl in love with fashion and following every style rule, that was a big deal. I wore it to my friend's 16th birthday party, I wore it to my first acting job (an unpaid extra in a house party scene); I even wore it to my own quinceañera (which is a huge deal for hispanics). The experiences I had in that dress and the way I felt about myself in it are priceless memories. But I grew up (I mean I had to get hips one day). I grew out of it and into myself. I realized my sense of style was changing and shifting and I didn't have to follow any of the "style rules" I would obsess over. A little black dress suddenly didn't seem very me anymore. Yet it still meant something to me; it became a symbol of my journey and mindset when I was 15. I held onto so many memories with that dress. I guess we do that with objects; we attach sentimental value to them because they represent something that we don't want to let go of. 

Eventually I gave it away. I hope another girl is adding onto the memories that dress has been a part of. Maybe not all people are like me; maybe to them clothes are just clothes. But to me they mean something. I often wonder whether the new combat boots I thrifted for myself were some girl's favorite shoes. I wonder if my new vintage little black dress was the dress someone wore under their graduation gown. I know vintage is supposed to mean some fancy super old clothing piece from an insanely expensive brand. But to me, vintage simply means clothes that have stories. Clothes that have lived. Clothes that are attached with memories and hopes and different journeys. And I think it's an honor to wear these kind of clothes. 

And that's why I love buying vintage.

Click to enlarge. My quinceañera, my gorgeous friends, and THE dress. I'm the middle one BTW.