I'm Back and I Have Something to Say

Hello lovely!

I'm back from my trip to London! I was there for a month taking a Summer course at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. 

It changed my life. 

A snap on my way to class 

A snap on my way to class 

I don't think I'll ever be able to express how happy I am that I went. It was a pretty crazy decision (meaning it took loads of faith)- I saved up a lot of money to go study something I had no idea about (Shakespeare) somewhere I am not familiar with (London), all in the name of... A feeling? A pull? In hindsight it sounded crazy. But it was so worth it. 

From the beginning it changed me. We flew into Denmark, where we have family, and to see them again after a decade was like getting to know a whole new side of my family. And Copenhagen is stunning. I'll get into details in the next few blog posts. 

After that we flew to London and prepared for the next day (first day of class!) Everything from the city, to the instructors, to my classmates, was perfect. It was like the confirmation I'd been waiting for. "This was the right decision. You're ok. You're on the right path." I can't express how happy I was the first day. 

The next few weeks were a dream. I fell in love with the city. I honestly didn't think I'd love London as much as I did, and now I drink tea from my mug I bought in London and relish in gloomy, rainy days. I met people who I want to know and befriend for the rest of my life. I fell in love with acting again. I reveled in Shakespeare! I walked alone (a big deal for someone who's struggled with anxiety.) I found myself again. 

I found out that I love to hug people. I like being there for others and listening and appreciating the beauty that is other people- I mean aren't humans amazing? Before I would close myself off, protect myself from looking like I was caring too much. I learned that I am bold, loud, and outgoing and I do not need to apologize for it. I learned that I can keep going even when I feel like I can't. I discovered that the world is much bigger than what I had made it.

See, I had put myself in this box. Yes, there are awesome possibilities in my life but they only stretch so far- anything more than that is crazy. Not going to college? Too crazy. Pursuing my dreams fully and boldly? Too crazy. Unapologetically being myself? Too crazy.

London stole my heart and I'm not even mad about it 

London stole my heart and I'm not even mad about it 

Yet when I was in London, my eyes were opened to the fact that I was stopping myself from living. I mean, really living. I was shrinking my possibilities by only allowing myself to think of "reachable" goals, "realistic" goals. But "realistic" will only get you so far, and I'm not trying to live a "realistic" life.

Everything is amazing. I have so much work to do, so much to prepare for, so much to think about, but everything is amazing. It's a change in perspective I didn't even realize I needed. 

I am so grateful I took this risk, so happy I allowed myself to be affected and transformed by this experience. If there's something you've been meaning to do, now is the time. If there's somewhere you feel called to, go. Save up the money. Make the plan. And do it. You won't regret it. 

More stories from my trip coming soon. For now I just wanted to let you know that RISKS ARE SO WORTH IT! 

Much love, Nikka 




The title says it all. Bandanas are in. I am not a cowgirl! I'm from the south but South America! 

Yes, I am overwhelmed. 

But the concept of bandanas is intriguing. They're the scarves of Summer. And I love scarves. Also they have been around for hundreds of years so if you think I'm not going to try this look out, THINK AGAIN. 

I've done some investigating and here's what I came up with: 

1. The "Scarf but... Summer"

This is reminiscent of gauchos, Kate Moss, and Audrey Hepburn. Tie it around your neck as mosquito protection, as a neck accessory that's not a necklace, and as a way to remind everyone of your superior style skills. Add a white top, run out the door, and onto your horse. 

link to photo credits: http://rareaudreyhepburn.com/post/59538541151/director-william-wyler-touches-up-audrey-hepburns

link to photo credits: http://rareaudreyhepburn.com/post/59538541151/director-william-wyler-touches-up-audrey-hepburns

2. The "It's too hot but I can't wear a messy bun again"

Bruce Springsteen did it. Justin Bieber did it. This cat did it. (Click on the cat picture if Springsteen or Bieber aren't your thing.) Surely I can do it too. 
Also I didn't know Bruce Springsteen was like... really good looking? I need to get it together. 

Link to photo credit: http://bieberbound.tumblr.com/post/152193029683

Link to photo credit: http://bieberbound.tumblr.com/post/152193029683

3. The "Beyoncé" 

Photo link credit: https://www.bustle.com/articles/72338-5-early-2000s-trends-you-always-wanted-to-rock-but-your-parents-refused-to-let-you 

Photo link credit: https://www.bustle.com/articles/72338-5-early-2000s-trends-you-always-wanted-to-rock-but-your-parents-refused-to-let-you 

For the advanced- how does it work? I'm mesmerized. Beyoncé, tell me your secrets. And say hi to the twins for me. 

4. The "It's a bandana so really just throw it on stop overthinking Nikka" 

Your foot. Your purse. Your pants. This can't be that hard to mess up... Can it? 

As for where to get bandanas, Madewell has some cute ones, Free People has this gorgeous banana bandana I want, and Wal Mart has the bandana I'm probably going to get. We're balling on a budget! 

Thanks for reading my minor breakdown over bandanas! I feel better now.


I'll see myself out. 

Photo credit: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/DENIMBAR/straightlegperfectsummerjeans/PRD~G3831/G3831.jsp?srcCode=MWPINT0219&crlt.pid=camp.mUWJBeeY9432

Photo credit: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/DENIMBAR/straightlegperfectsummerjeans/PRD~G3831/G3831.jsp?srcCode=MWPINT0219&crlt.pid=camp.mUWJBeeY9432

Photo credit: https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2016/11/tuesday-ten-november-style-tips-3/

Photo credit: https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2016/11/tuesday-ten-november-style-tips-3/

Hi, London!

Hi! Remember that trip I've been talking about for a while now? It's about to happen (literally tomorrow!) 

The video below describes basically all my feelings about this so watch to laugh at how absolutely embarrassing my mum and I are. Enjoy! And tell me what to do/where to go/ what to eat in London!

Much love, Nikka

10 Healthy (Or Desperate) Ways to Wake Up Early

Why can't I wake up early? 
It's a question that plagues me every single day. 
So here's me presenting to you healthy (desperate) tips for waking up early. Enjoy! And don't take them seriously! 

1. Spray Yourself.

I have a facial mist from Little Barn Apothecary that I was gonna use as a toner until I realized I just liked spraying it (my toners need to sting or else they're not working according to me.) So now, in an effort to wake up fresh and dewy I spray facial mist on the moment I wake up, like a pet owner spraying it's rebellious cat with water. It works when I remember to do it. 

2. Visualization.

This works great, though I wake up with anxiety. Before I go to sleep I tell my brain "you're waking up early no matter what ok?" And then I visualize myself waking up early. This worked extremely well one night when I dreamt I had slept in and not gone to the gym, and the entire day was ruined because of it. I woke up in a cold sweat at 4 am ready to put my running shoes on. 

3. Sleep

We have a lovely neighbor downstairs who has complained multiple times that we're too loud. She says (specifically) "from the hours of 10 pm to 11 pm I can't sleep at all." When asked why she said "too much walking." Well, in an effort to appease her one night I forced myself to go to sleep at 10:15. It felt amazing. I woke up early no problem, no spray required. 

4. Alarmed

I've been trying out sleep apps for a little bit and I think they actually work. Sleep Cycle is supposed to nudge me out of sleep "gently" at my lightest sleep cycle. It's a more calming way to wake up and I'm not as grumpy, but I still sometimes sleep through it. Alarmy makes me take a picture of something specific or else it won't shut up. Alarmy has been more effective, but then again I wake up with anxiety and have ended up taking the picture and going straight to bed. Try it though!

5. Dog

Adopt a dog. Is this a bit drastic? Maybe, but if you're desperate like me you might just go for it! A dog will force you to get up early. Plus sloppy wet kisses in the mornings. 

6. Planner

Plan something fun in the morning. Whether it be a bit of treasured alone time, coffee, or a nice breakfast before work, make early mornings something you look forward to. 

7. Accountability 

Have a friend who's an early riser text you every morning for a few weeks right around your wake up time. Let the fear of letting her down drive you. Give her your Instagram password and if you don't get up she'll dm your ex from your account. For every time you hit snooze you owe her a coffee. She gets to steal a cute piece of clothing from your closet if you don't comply. The (punishments) possibilities are endless. 

8. Icy

Have a bucket of ice water prepped beside your bed. Ask your roommate/significant other/mom/friend to please pour it all over you if you don't wake up, like the ice bucket challenge. It's for a good cause!

9. Honestly?

10. I need a nap.








A little bit of News


As the title says, I have a little bit of *reporter voice* News. 
Last week we didn't post new inventory :( I know, I'm sorry! This is due to:

1. I had two auditions at the start of the week and I decided to just throw myself into that and do my absolute best instead of stress myself out trying to do everything. Yay for healthy choices! 

2. Starting now we'll be posting inventory once a week for the Summer. We're working on a ton of exciting things for My Closet etc and we'll be traveling (I'll reveal where to this week!!) so it makes sense to make room for adventure, relaxation, and a bit of rest from the usual schedule of two days a week. It might not seem like it, but it's a lot of work! If you're sad about this, I'm with you :(  Regularly scheduled programming will return come August. 

Whenever I say "we" this is what I mean! My Mami and I

Whenever I say "we" this is what I mean! My Mami and I

Please don't be mad!!! We thought about this for quite a bit and we wanna bring you gorgeous stuff consistently, which sometimes means taking a breather. 

If you're still like "I need clothes NOW", here are some of my favorite picks that are on the site ready to dive into your wardrobe <3 

Much love, 


Under the Sea
Add To Cart
Add To Cart

Wants 2. (Floral Print Blouses, Bikinis, Sandals)

Welcome to another round of what I'd buy this week if I had a money tree. Nice to see you again!!! Today I'm dreaming of floral print blouses for the summer, swimsuits because I'll be going to the beach soon (in my five dollar h&m bikini), and a pair of expensive sandals. Let's get started. 

1. Kiini 

This crotchet bikini is what I'd wear on my honeymoon in Maldives. It's $285 so I better be rich by the time I get married. 

2. Floral Print Blouse

You might think of this when you hear florals, but I honestly fell in love with this top and have not stopped thinking about it. So what if it combines chokers, off the shoulder tops, and florals? I LOVE IT. 

3. Watermelon

I'd gladly throw $45 at Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask solely based on the packaging and the color. But apparently it works??? Can someone buy this and tell me if it does?!?!?!?! 

4. Mustard

I've been getting into brighter colors (Summer) and this bikini is calling my name. Yes to good prices and good reviews. 

5. Dolce

These ornate sandals... omg... do you guys see the heel? That's not a heel that's a sculpture!!! The description reads "wear yours with a midi dress." Ah yes, mine. My $3,000 sandals. I'll just casually pair them with a midi dress today, but let me go ask my butler for his opinion first. 

6. Decorate your ears

Remember my last Zaful haul? Remember those earrings I fell in love with? Not only am I still wearing them, they're my favorite pair of earrings and have not diminished in quality. So here's my next few picks for cute earrings I obviously need: These, these, and  these (yes you need a pompom choker). I feel like Sharpay





If you noticed there was a lot of Zaful in this post, it's cause they're sending me a little haul again! My last experience with them was awesome so I'm super excited to work with them again.

In honor of Zaful's third anniversary they're doing a bunch of huge giveaways! Who doesn't like free gorgeous stuff? Head over to their blog to check it out, and tag my name after you participate in the giveaway event! Zaful will choose a couple of winners and you could be one of them ;) click here


Also does anyone want to buy the Dolce sandals with me? We could share them! 


I'm always  the first to advocate for self love. I'm always the first to squawk "Believe in yourself! Love yourself!" to anyone who opens up to me. And that's great. 

But lately I haven't been practicing it. It's been a weird and wonderful couple of weeks and I've been struggling with self doubt. It's strange because I'm in a moment in my life where I should be confident, in fact I need to be in order to move forward. But I have this weight on me that stops that motivation, it stops me from believing in myself. As with most situations, I had to get a metaphorical slap in the face, this time from my mum, who is always the tough love/"girl you know you need to hear this" voice of reason I need. 

I think the weight I'm carrying is worry. Life isn't always easy, and I've been facing a lot of changes and challenges. Some are in my hands while some are so far away from anything I can do about them I kind of just look and go "Hmm. Well I can't do anything but I'll still worry." How ridiculous is that?! It's a waste of time and my brain apparently loves to do it. I've been fighting it with lots of faith and to do lists. 

coping with coffee lol 

coping with coffee lol 

I haven't completely figured it out, but I have realized that under appreciation is something dangerous and often not talked about. When we undermine our own talents, abilities, and potential, we become the blockers of opportunity. We stop ourselves from thriving. There's no one else to blame but ourselves. 

I've previously written about being your number one fan and about being gentle to yourself. As I learn to be kinder to myself, I'm also reminded to believe in myself more than anyone else. I've decided to commit to the truth that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I've been created for amazing things. I know things will work out. I know doubt does nothing but steal my peace and joy. It's the same for you too. I hope you know how talented and incredible you are- once you harness that truth and live in it you won't be stopped. 

Much love, Nikka 


Hello everyone! 

Lately I've been saving up for a special trip (more on that later) so I haven't been able to frivolously throw money at whatever clothes/shoes/makeup/skincare seems pretty to me :( I know, so sad! Instead of lighting my bank account on fire, I have decided to share the things I am loving from afar. You're welcome. 

1. Carnivore 

Carnivore is a clothing brand specializing in handmade handbags and accessories. I'm in love with their "monster bag", seen here worn by artist Ava Hovanka. She and the bag are both infinitely cool. 

2. Silvia Tcherassi 

There I was, flipping through the internet like the millennial that I am, when I stumbled upon Silvia Tcherassi's designs. I started crying (actually crying) because I can't afford a $3,000 dress. AND SHE'S COLOMBIAN!

3. Malababa

I'm currently crushing on Malababa's clutches- specifically their stunning triangle clutch in white. Give me. 

4. Charlotte Olympia

Will I ever be satisfied until I get a pair of fruit-ridden canvas slippers? Probably. But I'd still like these shoes. 

5. Sparkle

Yes I know it's Summer but I still feel defeated by the socks and sandals trend. I have never done it. Pitiful, I know. If I were to jump in now (I won't, because it's Summer and I love myself) I'd start with these sparkly anklet socks I've been eyeing for six months now. You might say "Nikka that's only $12." To that I say: Yes, $12 I'm tucking away into my savings account. 

Those are this week's wants. Who else is trying to be frugal with me? Please someone join in because I find myself constantly questioning why things cost money. 

Latino iConnect


This past weekend I was invited to be a guest panelist at Latino iConnect, a digital marketing conference in Atlanta. 

First of all, WOW. The lovely event organizers at Emprendedores Latinos were on top of everything and one of the most organized brands I have ever worked with! They went above and beyond to make sure I was well informed and prepared. I love seeing a latino-owned business operating in excellence!

The conference was extremely informative, from the moment I arrived I was jotting down notes and tidbits of info from graphic designers, branding consultants, authors, bloggers, and industry experts. I was a bit nervous being the youngest one there, but my panel was awesome and I got to meet two ladies who knew their stuff and embody what it means to be an entrepreneur- Africa Miranda and Ash Serrano

Three takeaways: 

1. What, Who, and Why
What do you offer? What does your brand/business do? It seems simple, but the more a business or even a personal brand grows, the more it needs to remember its roots. 

Who is your target market? Who is looking through your website? Having a clear demographic and knowing your audience is necessary in order to connect with them. 

Why? Why this brand? Why this business? Sure, analytics, orders, and data might be helpful, but in the end we're all human and we all have a reason for what we do. Having your story and your reason clear not only helps with marketing, it will also give you motivation when entrepreneurship turns out to not be as easy as it seems. 


2. Don't Underestimate Social Media
It still amazes me when people make fun of how much work I put into Instagram. Social media is a job. It is a vital part of owning a business. It is a way to get your name out there that is free and fun (for me at least!) Plus it helps you connect with your customers- I love that with My Closet etc I've met amazing young women who inspire me and who honestly feel like friends. That's the power of social media.  

3. Consistency is Key
I'm kind of mad at myself with this one! I wish I could post more and I'd blame time but I know that we make time for what's important to us. Consistency establishes you. Whether it be a consistent visual look on all platforms, or posting on a consistent basis, or sharing consistent content, it creates discipline. 

I'm still learning and growing, but I gotta say starting My Closet etc has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Huge thank you to my Mami for giving me the idea and being my partner in this little business! Thank you César Restrepo and Keren Granados for having me!

Much love, 









A Cat Cafe?! For Me?!

Two months ago, my friend Taylor went to Africa to play with lions for three weeks. She left me her little lion, Babayega, a cute black cat she recently rescued. And I fell in love.

I had never even pet a cat until then and now I'm forever changed!!! I shamelessly look up cat videos. I talk about Babayega more than I talk about my boyfriend sometimes. Sadly, however, I'm not in a place to adopt a cat of my own just yet. Here's where Java Cats Cafe comes in. Taylor and I were texting about cats (as one does) when she told me about this cat cafe in Atlanta. 

It's adorable. It's near the Octane by Grant Park, like on the same street. It just opened!! The place is sweetly split in half, with one area being the coffee counter and a bunch of Instagram-worthy seating, and the other area being a cat haven where they can play and you can love on them. It's a nice space and there's even a table you can snag inside with the cats, so you can hang with your friends, pet cats, and drink coffee at the same time. 

Also, the cats at Java Cats Cafe are available for adoption. It's just precious. Since their opening about a month ago, twenty cats have found homes. Go. Thank me later.