Foods We Never Forgot

I was watching The Great British Bake Off the other day and noticed something interesting. Tamal was making a pastry inspired by one of the best sandwiches he's ever had. I will now present it in a series of screengrabs:

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.19.03 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 10.19.32 AM.png

And then it dawned on me... Every now and then, if the weather is humid and if I get a whiff of coconut, I dream about this slice of coconut cake I had in Kuala Lumpur when I was like, nine. I can still taste the delicious coconut cream, the sponge that was just bouncy enough, I can hear the clink of my fork on the ceramic plate. I vividly remember that slice of cake. 

And it's not just that cake!

When Caleb first traveled to Colombia with me we visited this stunning canyon called "el Canyon del Chicamocha" in my hometown, Bucaramanga. Caleb ordered this blended mocha coffee at this cute coffee shop by the canyon. He and I still talk about it. 

When we first visited Cambodia we stayed in this gorgeous boutique hotel and they greeted us with fruity drinks served in champagne glasses. I was around ten and felt so very glamorous drinking a sparkly, fruity drink while my mum was checking in.

Caleb and I visited New York in December and we stumbled into this coffee shop by... Union Square, I think? 
They gave us a sample of their hot chocolate and I think it maybe changed my life. So rich, creamy, and warm. I immediately ordered a cup and still think of it when the weather drops. 

 The famous canyon drink.

The famous canyon drink.

freshly baked bread

The bakeries in Colombia start baking very, very early, so while you're walking to work, school, or just to do errands, it is extremely tempting to stop by for a fresh slice of bread because of how good it smells outside. Fresh baked bread is one of my favorite smells and things to eat. 

Back in Singapore, my family went to visit a friend who invited us for dinner at her super modern apartment. Two things happened that night: I got locked inside of her bathroom because I couldn't figure out how to open the comically heavy door (I was NINE) and I had the best vegetarian sandwich ever.
I still know her as "the vegetarian sandwich family friend." 

What strikes me is how each food memory is more than just "ugh what a GOOD sandwich." It's a deeply rooted memory that, though it stems from food, connects me to the feelings I had in that moment. Most of the time this reminds me of who I was with and I'm filled once again with an appreciation for them. I love how food brings people together, even in a simple memory triggered by the smell of bread or coconut. 

Do you have any foods you miss/think about? Sound off in the comments!!

First Love's First Event

In case you didn't know (though I bombarded social media and anyone I met in real life to come), My Closet etc and Happily Imperfect had our first "First Love" event. We didn't really know what it was- a pop up shop? A book release party? A workshop? And in a beautiful way, it didn't matter. 

Amazon Authors

We hosted the event at this aesthetically stunning coworking space called Roam- they have five locations all over Atlanta and are all about innovation and hospitality. I am obsessed. 

The days leading up to the event were crazy- making goodie bags till 1 am, cancelled caterers, not finding the right flowers day of, etc. It was madness and it could not have happened without the help of incredible friends like Taylor and Christal, who sang beautifully, Caleb, who checked everyone in and helped with set up, and Yasmin, who made every decoration look like we actually knew what we were doing. 

As our gorgeous guests started pouring in (many with their moms, aunts, or sisters in tow), Priv treated them to massages and hair styling sessions. One of my favorite parts about Priv is that they are all about empowering women, fair pay, and believe in treating yourself through beauty. Priv fit perfectly with the message of First Love. 

I have a discount code from Priv- $20 off your first service with code NikkaD. Download the app and book yourself a mani, girl!!!

We ate, sang (there was a singing competition!!!), and talked about what it means to love yourself. It was honestly so beautiful how real things got. Everyone in the room was not afraid to get deep, to share, to question. That, for me, was the best part of the night. 

Tote Bags

Kate, one of our blogger guests, shared a post that made me beam. And Feyi, who bought this gorgeous quilted red jacket, wrote a blog about the event and how her jacket takes her back in time. I am so into how she styled it. 

Brandi, after reading the entire book, wrote a blog post that brought me to happy tears. Here's an excerpt (so worth the read): 
The whole premise of the book can be summed up with one sentence found on page ninety-one. “Your relationship with yourself is the longest relationship you’ll have.” How simple yet incredibly true is that? Friends and significant others come and go, but at the end of the day you’re the only one you see in that mirror. 

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who showed up and hung out with us! Thank you to everyone who bought a book, a tote bag, or your new favorite vintage piece. It means the world to me. 

If you couldn't make it or you forgot to buy a book- we got you. For JUST TODAY (March 8) we're giving you 10% off "First Love"!! Click here

Any ideas on what should we do next? Food ideas? Theme ideas? Place ideas? Sound off in the comments!!!




Outfits That Will Make you Love Color Again

Comment better title ideas!

Ok, what a weird way to start. Anyways, hello! Welcome to my internet corner. I've noticed that lately I've been dressing so colorlessly- grey, white, black, tan (sometimes.) I know capsule wardrobes, minimalist outfits, and simplicity are all in, but aren't you bored!??!?!? 

I scoured the internet and my own closet (and My Closet etc's inventory) for a bunch of colorful winter looks that'll breathe some life into your tired, heavy style sinews. 


The header says it all, but I want to clarify: According to generation Z, mustard is a neutral. Use this information.


Colorful winter outfit

Cherry red has not had a moment in a while and it's a shame. The color has a flair for the dramatic that looks good on everyone, but I love that these specific pieces aren't fancy or fussy at all. I'm not saying you could wear this outfit for camping but... You could definitely wear this camping. 

Red monochromatic look
Red on red


Color blocking outfit
Mustard top
Generation Z


 Print & bordados - Vogue -

Print & bordados - Vogue -


Did you really think I'd write a post on color without mentioning Solange? Please, let this be the push you need to do a monochrome look in a fun color. Please!!


Cotton candy pink is kind of a neutral, right?

A terra-cotta dress a la Solange. 

The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift: An Engraved Wood Watch

 Word personalized watch

Caleb is a watch guy. Since Valentine's Day is on the horizon (less than a month!), I thought I'd get him a thoughtful and secret agent-ish (James Bond loves watches) Valentine's gift.

In comes Jord watches- unique wood watches that are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. They can also be engraved, which I love for a thoughtful, personal gift. I went on the site and ended up getting Caleb the Kosso & Midnight Blue watch off the Conway Series. The free shipping and customization made it quick and easy, and it's pretty obvious why I chose it. It's a sleek, sophisticated watch, handcrafted, and it arrived in less than three days. I audibly gasped when it came in the mail. 

 Men's wooden watch

The watch was delivered in a minimalist black package, and when it arrived I decided to let Caleb open it. I know it was supposed to be for Valentine's Day, but I can't keep a secret, so I gave him an early gift. 

Jord Watch Review

He looked giddy- like when you're opening gifts on Christmas Eve (Colombians open all their gifts at 12 am, after eating a TON.) The cedar wood box it came in reminded me of the kind of deign Caleb loves- classic, sleek, and bold. 

 Unique watch for Valentine's Day

If you want a watch like this (or the exact watch... Twins!!) you can grab one here. It's such a great gift that'll last. I personally love that every time Caleb looks at his arm he's reminded of me and my impeccable style. You call it obsessive, I call it cute. 

And don't forget to enter my giveaway where you could win a $100 gift code to use on the Jord site! 

Men's watches here

Women's watches here

Word Watch Giveaway




The Ideal NYE.

NYE has always been kind of weird for me. If a new year represents change for the better- a fresh start, why do I stay up till 12 am, overeat, and then fall asleep only to wake up the next day at 10 am on January 1st bloated, thirsty, and tired?

My ideal New Year's Eve would involve lots of blankets, list-making and goal-planning, candles, my friend's cute cat (that I want to adopt), my family, and a bedtime of 10 pm so I can start my year off well rested (and ready for the gym at 7 am.) 


I was mulling this over as people started asking me what I'd be doing for NYE. Am I the only one who doesn't like the idea of going out, spending money, staying up late, and having my feet pinched by stilettos till 1 am? So I conducted a series of interviews. Very formal. 

Brandi, 20.
"I'd want something quiet, comfy, personal. I'd never see the ball drop- just bringing in the new year with the people you love. Wait, are you typing what I'm saying?"

Gloria, 22.
"My perfect NYE would be somewhere fun, London, LA, New Orleans- not a thousand dollars to do it... A rooftop, drinks, great finger foods, champagne, a lovely kiss at the end... just the usual."
Yeah Gloria, "the usual"

Trey, 22.
"Every NYE I always get disappointed, I always expect it to be this grandiose thing and then it's like "oh.. that's it."" 
"But what's your ideal NYE???????"
"Getting like 20 or 30 of my closest friends in a cabin, somewhere in the woods, or in the mountains, and having fun in the cabin."
"That sounds like a murder movie."

Anthony, 50-something
"My wife and I will throw a party, have around 30-50 friends over- there's nothing more special than that. We all drink. We're pretty particular about drinking. We have a big new year's morning brunch to start the new year. It's tradition now. Everyone brings dishes and mimosas, of course." 
"I'm going to steal that New Year's brunch tradition." 

Christal, 22.
*holding a cup of tea to her face*
"Cocktails, good friends, bumping music, and a confetti canon... Papa John, THE Papa John, coming out of the side door, with a sign that says "Papa Johns""
"You don't even drink pizza"
"Well, you don't drink piz-"
"Ok but"
"It's all about PJ"

Taylor, 27
"Sleep in, some time for setting New Year's goals, lunch with buddies and my wife, good Football, celebrating with friends, good food, drinks, just a small party. Maybe some tunes. Wait, I don't care about tunes that much. Card games! Yes. My wife doesn't like them, she's a sore loser."
"What about your baby?"

Corey, 29, married father of one.
"Sh*t faced." 
His words, not mine!!

How are you planning on bringing in the new year? 


What To Gift This Year

Hi everyone! 

Gift giving ideas

Did you know it's only 7 days till Christmas? Probably less by the time you'll actually get to read this. Guess who hasn't done any holiday shopping? Me!! Here's a quick, scattered, and desperate holiday gift list from a millennial who has decided to spend no less than $20 per gift. You're welcome.

For your Coworkers:

What I did (sorry, dear coworkers, for the lack of surprise if you're reading this) was buy each person a sticker that has like a little inside joke from Society 6. I love this idea because it's personal and cost effective- I was initially going to do a notebook for each but it came out to be way too pricey. Also, they're currently running deals like free shipping and 25% off everything so hurry and grab something completely original and fun! 

I like the idea of choosing gifts based on personalities or inside jokes, so you could do the same with candles, chocolates, etc.
Example: Hi Jeff! I got you this charcoal obsidian candle because it is terrifying yet mysterious, just like you! 

For Your Guy:


Shopping for guys is always so hard, amirite? JK my boyfriend is the most spoiled man who loves, loves, loves getting stuff. He talks about the random things he wants on a constant basis so it's easy to grab him something. Some cool ideas if your man isn't so vocal: 
1. Movie Pass. If he likes going to the movies this is an inexpensive no brainer. For three months he'll be able to go to the movies every day for FREE! (Because you paid 29.95.)
2. A nice watch. Classy, beautiful watches are something guys seem to love (not sure why but whatever. I guess it's like shoes or earrings for us.) I've had a great experience with Invicta and Fossil. Use Amazon for shipping ASAP.
3. Nikes. I have a tradition with Caleb where I get him a pair of Nikes every year. He literally wears them almost every day, loves them, and when he thinks of running away from me he looks down at his footwear and is reminded that if he holds on till Christmas he'll get another pair of cool sneakers. Jk. 
4. Hats. Beanies, baseball caps, even wide brim indie lead singer hats! Honestly hats are a great, safe bet and they make any guy look stylish. There's this one hat brand I'm dreaming of if you wanna go LEGIT, and there's another if you're like Amazon is way faster. 
5. Cologne. OMG there's nothing like when your boo smells good and is wearing that hat you gave him last Christmas and hasn't said anything annoying yet. CK One is what I'm loving right now. 

IMG_2272 3.JPG

For your BFF:
1. A book to remind her how loved and amazing she is. Guess what it's called. Guess! It's our book, First Love, which I 100% vouch for as a great gift. Ready to ship in 1 day. 
2. Cherry Earrings. Someone please get these they're so cute!!!!!!!!!! She will cry kawaii tears. 
3. When I was in NY I stumbled upon this gorgeous Brooklyn- based soap company. Their soaps are STUNNING and they gave me a hand massage and it was incredible. I highly recommend.  
4. A denim package. If you have a friend who is as obsessed with denim as I am, might I recommend a big box full of denim stuff? Denim jackets, denim tops, denim everything? With a note written in leftover denim fabric? Ready to ship in 1 day. 

For your Mami:
1. If your Mum is as travel-inclined as mine, a cute passport holder makes a perfect gift. 
2. A car detailing. Whether it be a Groupon or a gift card from your closest auto spa, there's something amazing about a spotless car that you didn't have to do any work for. Your Mum will appreciate it. 
3. A crock pot. My friend Taylor got my Mum a crock pot last year and she SCREAMED. I had never seen her so excited. 
4. Booties. Get your Mum some nice booties. Mums never treat themselves, so grab her something she'd never buy herself. I'd recommend Steve Madden booties, Aldo (for gorgeous minimalism), or Shop Gorgigi. 
5. Some really GOOD candles. There were lots to choose from this list, so here's the entire list. Maybe buy all of them and let me know how it goes. 


Random (but COOL) Other Gifts:
1. I know you know someone who's obsessed w/ Giraffes/Africa/loves safaris. (Ready to be shipped in 1 day!)
2. HIGHLY recommend for friends w/ cats. Please take pictures and send them to me.
3. For the guy in your life obsessed with John Wick

Hopefully this little gift guide helped! Let me know what you're getting friends and family (or yourself) in the comments. 

Jumping Through Hoops.

Hoop earrings. Love them. Carry a pair in my car and my purse. 

But I'm kind of tired of the usual silver pair? Let's get creative, starting with a list of hoops I'm looking at. 

1. I actually already own these star shaped babies and they are so worth it. I've been wearing them a bit too much and I always get "woah those are cool!"



2. You know I'm all about shopping small and these rose hoop earrings are dreamy. They're also super good quality. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 3.33.17 PM.png

3. From the same shop (I stalked them for a while and will probably end up buying the tortoiseshell ones), these are a bit more sassy and I feel like they're a total classic to add to your collection.  

4. These are huge!! And I get the feeling they might be heavy... But that's a risk I'm willing to take. 

5. I really, really love these hoops... The description says "crescent moon" but I'm getting banana vibes and so not mad about it. Need. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 3.45.45 PM.png

The Denim Top.

Oh, denim. I love you. I love you so, so much. 

The denim top has now become the staple of any well-rounded wardrobe. I used to shun denim on denim- it gave me flashbacks of this iconic (and traumatizing) moment in the 2000's. 

But now it's kind of all I wear and I have the receipts to prove it. I own about five denim tops, ranging from super oversized to fitted to cropped. My favorite is, by far, the oversized denim top. It's just so versatile!! So here: Four different ways to style your denim top. Don't have one? I think I can help you. 

1. Roll it!!! 

Grab your denim top, button just the two middle buttons. Pull it to the side to give an off the shoulder look, and then tie it together in a disheveled/cute knot. 

2. Issa cape

Just drape your oversized denim over any outfit. It'll instantly give your outfit some edginess. 

3. Tongue Tied.


Tie it around your waist for a super flattering silhouette + cool layer to add onto your already cool outfit. Plus, this works on almost any outfit (see below.)


4. Wear It

Grab a fitted denim top and see how your life starts to change. Suddenly the oversized sleeves won't accidentally dip into your coffee, your cute figure will be shown off, and you'll look like you own J Crew. 


Grab a cute denim top below, including some wild cards (Embroidered denim! Printed! Ripped! Giraffes! Get crazy!)


Shop Small.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.51.33 PM.png

Black Friday is here and as much as I love good deals, I've been trying to remind myself lately of the power I have as a consumer. Where I spend my money and what businesses I support says a lot about who I am, which is why I'm working on intentionally seeking out amazing small businesses when looking for certain things- like shoes, for example. I've been looking for the perfect mules and if you have any small biz recommendations I would be so very grateful. So below: Five small businesses to support in the coming days!!

1. Who wouldn't appreciate some cute art? Christmas shopping starts today. 

2. Owned by Denequa Williams who makes lit lit lit candles and is such a boss babe. Also based in Brooklyn so you know it'll give you cool girl points.  

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 10.49.33 PM.png

3. I have been stalking Simply Curated's feed for quite some time and I'm running low on candles so... Hello, Coconut Shea soy candle. (Lots of candles in this post)

4. I know for a FACT I will be buying these come Friday. Minimalist mules, 50% off, from a small business? Where's my credit card. 

5. I have a sushi phone case. If you think I'm not buying these socks for me and Caleb (to match!!) then you don't know me well enough.

6. Africa Miranda is maybe the sweetest person I've ever met- she's genuine, kind, and about her business. Her facial elixir is literally dreamy and very instagrammable. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.23.36 AM.png

7. I have raved about these soaps and I'm still using them (they last for a loooong time.) They smell INCREDIBLE and are such cute Christmas presents (or stocking stuffers if your family is fancy like that.) 

8. If you don't know what to get the guys in your life, leather wallets are always a safe (and classy tbh) option. I'm getting Caleb (who's hopefully not reading this) this one and I'm super excited because he'll finally stop using a binder clip for his cash. 

9. I'm obsessed with the packaging and the price. Plus the name. And apparently it gives you dreamy hair with organic, real ingredients. YES. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 10.48.42 AM.png

10. I will GLOW this season with this moisturizing highlighter. And on top of that they're doing holiday sales (25% off the entire store on Black Friday!!) 

11. You already knew this was coming, but here it is! These are my favorite picks this week and you should shop My Closet etc cause we put so much heart into this (and for FREE shipping with code FREE) 


Wants 3.

Hey everyone!
Welcome to another round of "what I want but cannot have just yet so I will yearn for it from afar." I'm your host, the girl who just spent half her life savings on a trip to London. 

Let's start.

1. Genes.
If you're a skincare enthusiast like me, you've probably heard of Sunday Riley's Good Genes. If you're a young person trying to somehow make it in this rotating ball of water in space, you probably haven't bought it considering it's $105 for 30ml of product.
Going to go cry while I apply my lactic acid from the ordinary (which I highly recommend and cannot thank this brand enough for making skincare affordable.) 

2. Rings for Days.
I know this is a My Closet etc piece, but I just want like fifty of these rings ok? They're so unique and I love them but I have to share with you guys since I've already bought three lol. I'm obsessed. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.31.28 PM.png

3. Fuzzy Shoes. 
These Miu Miu heels are the price of one month's rent for a studio apartment in Atlanta. And my heart is being pulled to them. SOS. 

4. Bedazzled.
Destiney Bleu is a boss babe and I've been itching to get my hands on one of her bodysuits. They're handmade and stunning. Plus imagine this with a crisp white linen jacket and high waisted denim? *wonders if I really need groceries this week*


5. Chili
I recently posted this chili necklace I found vintage shopping in London and my dms got a bit full with things like "tell me where you got it or I'll steal it off your neck" so I found another option and they look almost identical!! So here you go, violent stylish instagrammers. 

There you are, my five picks for this week. Are you adding any of these things to your cart? If you are, message me and I'll send you my venmo. Help a girl out. 

Much love,