Wants 3.

Hey everyone!
Welcome to another round of "what I want but cannot have just yet so I will yearn for it from afar." I'm your host, the girl who just spent half her life savings on a trip to London. 

Let's start.

1. Genes.
If you're a skincare enthusiast like me, you've probably heard of Sunday Riley's Good Genes. If you're a young person trying to somehow make it in this rotating ball of water in space, you probably haven't bought it considering it's $105 for 30ml of product.
Going to go cry while I apply my lactic acid from the ordinary (which I highly recommend and cannot thank this brand enough for making skincare affordable.) 

2. Rings for Days.
I know this is a My Closet etc piece, but I just want like fifty of these rings ok? They're so unique and I love them but I have to share with you guys since I've already bought three lol. I'm obsessed. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.31.28 PM.png

3. Fuzzy Shoes. 
These Miu Miu heels are the price of one month's rent for a studio apartment in Atlanta. And my heart is being pulled to them. SOS. 

4. Bedazzled.
Destiney Bleu is a boss babe and I've been itching to get my hands on one of her bodysuits. They're handmade and stunning. Plus imagine this with a crisp white linen jacket and high waisted denim? *wonders if I really need groceries this week*


5. Chili
I recently posted this chili necklace I found vintage shopping in London and my dms got a bit full with things like "tell me where you got it or I'll steal it off your neck" so I found another option and they look almost identical!! So here you go, violent stylish instagrammers. 

There you are, my five picks for this week. Are you adding any of these things to your cart? If you are, message me and I'll send you my venmo. Help a girl out. 

Much love,

It's Ok To Be Sad (And Other Valid Feelings)

I don't cry a lot. I don't know, there's something about crying that scares me. I don't feel like it's necessary. I don't think I need it... Until I've tried to hold everything together for too long and end up breaking down in my car because I forgot to turn in the redbox from last Friday and it's been sitting in my backseat for a week. 


I didn't realize how much weight I had been carrying until I sat down, tried to type up a blog post, and just had this flood of emotions. Instead of judging myself for having them, I decided to embrace them, experience them, and let go. It felt so good. 

I think many times we're expected to hold it together, to always have our protective barriers on, to carry a mask around so that way when people ask us "how are you?" we respond with "great, thank you!" Because we've been taught that's the immediate reaction. When's the last time you actually asked yourself "how am I?" It's a question we tend to avoid because it's real. It makes us stop and actually look at our lives and that can be scary or maybe even depressing, because you're not where you thought you would be. 

That is all ok. It's ok to be disappointed, unmotivated, or maybe just down. It is ok. What's not ok is staying in those feelings and not looking at them, acknowledging them, and then doing something about them. We can't change things if we don't know what's going on in the first place. But when we do know, when we are aware of how we actually are, we have the power to make decisions that will help change those feelings. 

I think I cried for about an hour. Literally just cried- I wasn't completely sure about what. I knew I felt defeated, sad, and angry. I didn't even bother going further than that until I had let myself feel first. Afterward, I sat down with a cup of hot tea, a candle, and my notebook to write for a good hour and let everything out on paper. When I stepped back, I could see a bit more clearly what was upsetting me. I saw what I could change, what I couldn't change (and that's ok), and what I could learn from all of this. Let yourself feel. Don't be afraid of vulnerability. It doesn't make you weak. It gives you some clarity. 

Stranger Things

With the dawn of Stranger Things Season Two approaching and October getting spookier, I felt it was only right to throw on an ootd that reminded me of the Halloween nostalgia this entire month pours out in buckets. I'm not much of a Halloween person, but when I first feel the crisp Fall air and suddenly everything is in muted  tones of orange and yellow, I can't help but remember that one Halloween where I dressed up as Snow White and put red lipstick on for the first time (despite my Mum not allowing me to.) So here's a little ootd where I played with neutral tones + what I imagine Nancy would wear if she was Insta famous and ran and account reviewing novels from the 60's. 

And yes you can get it all here. 


Zaful Review 3.

Zaful has spoiled me rotten and sent me sweaters + pants to kickstart Fall (even though it's still super hot in Atlanta.) 

IMG_8203 2.JPG

I got a gorgeous soft blush pink sweater, a brown cutout sweater with an embroidered rose, and these EMBROIDERED JEANS THAT I LOVE SO, SO MUCH.
Yes, I know I said I would never order jeans from them again because of my giant butt BUT I gave it a chance and let me tell you. My new favorite jeans, for real. 


Here are some pics + detailed reviews, cause I gotchu like that. 


Embroidered Jeans
Like I said, I took a leap of faith when ordering these. The last jeans I bought were way too small, but I sized way up (WAY UP) and they fit WONDERFULLY. I am obsessed, the quality is great, and they were so worth the risk. Also they're not super skinny, instead they're looser and a bit more tapered which is exactly what I was looking for. Wearing them all the time, every day. 


Pink Sweater

I CAN'T STOP WEARING THIS SWEATER. So soft, I love that the little holes in it make for the perfect sweater to wear with a cute bralette. When it arrived it smelled mkind of weird (? idk) BUT I washed it and I love it now. I've worn it three days in a row. I'm not taking it off. 

IMG_8205 2.JPG
IMG_8170 2.JPG
IMG_8169 2.JPG

Embroidered Rose

This sweater has zipper details and a super cute embroidered rose, plus a very cool neckline. It is soft, and more fitted than what I usually wear which I love for variety. 




Wishing/Wanting/Craving Fall Looks

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.33.24 PM.png

You know those first instances of Autumn? The first latte in breezy weather, the first sweater + denim combination, the first leaf you see fall to the ground. It's all so romantic. And it's the perfect time to talk about Fall looks. Are you gonna be a strictly sweaters person this year? Will you double up on coats and jackets? What about bright pinks, oranges, and yellow? Are those still on rotation?! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.30.43 PM.png

I've been scouring Zaful for some Fall inspo and here are five things I need to get my hands on ASAP. 

1. Pink denim jacket 

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.28.32 PM.png

No, pink will not leave my closet. Enjoy watching me look like a flamingo for the next few months. 

2. Cozy + edgy 

This soft white sweater is at the top of my wants list. Do you imagine a cute brallette peeking out from under the deep v? Swoon. 

3. Mustard

"Nikka I thought you weren't shopping for pants online anymore because you have a big butt" 
Yes well. I fell in love with these and I'm ordering them so. There you go. 

4. Sun + moon

If there's anything the eclipse taught me it's that space can be a very stylish subject so throw it on your ears. 

All of these are over at Zaful and stunning and I'm getting them all. Love u byeeee! 

My Closet etc. Outfits

Every now and then I look at my office, where all the My Closet etc inventory is, and think "Wow. All these clothes are so cute." In preparation for Fall style and in an effort to spur my own creativity, here are four outfits I made with My Closet etc pieces you can buy right now (or just look at for your own inspo.) 

1. Denim open dress + denim jacket + denim shorts

You can already guess where I got the idea. (The person who guesses correctly in the comments gets a prize)



2. Striped culottes + billowy tee + cheetah booties 

These culottes are so good it's just... Disrespectful. I should be wearing these in France. 


3. Bubbles tied up under Berries

There's this transformative power that happens when you tie a top to your waist. I'm convinced. 


4. Barco + pastelero + Roberta 

It's been said that if you mix three pastels or more, Lana del Rey appears in your kitchen in a 50's housewife dress with smeared winged eyeliner. So this is the perfect outfit to meet her in. I'm ready.


I had so much fun playing around with these gorgeous clothes and making up looks I'd wear to NYFW once Adam Selman realizes I'm the muse he's been looking for and promptly flies me out to witness his creative process (Kidding but. Not. Can I at least get an invite?) 

Lucky for you, you can shop the looks below. Lucky for your wallet, they're all inexpensive and shipping over $40 is free. What a beautiful time to be alive. 


Zaful Review (Take 2)

I am one spoiled girl. Zaful reached out to me again to see if I wanted more stuff for the Summer. My first experience with them was awesome, so to get asked back made me all warm inside. Love them. 

I bought a bright yellow bikini, stunning chandelier earrings, an olive wrap around crop top, a striped off the shoulder top, and another (fancier) striped off the shoulder top. No jeans for me this time, I learned my lesson. (I have! A big! Butt!)

Everything fit perfectly.
I always size up, so keep that in mind, but I even loved the bikini! And I'm so picky with swimwear!

Now for the individual reviews. 

This olive top is a size m (I'm usually an s or m) and when I got it out of the package, I cringed. It looked like it couldn't fit your average cat. I was sure it wouldn't work for me. And yet I put it on. And- well, there's the pic for proof. Fair warning: It's sold out as of right now :(

It is stretchy, comfy, and of course, pretty sexy (as all strappy things are.) So happy I didn't just give it to Babayega

Next up: This stunning striped off the shoulder top I wore to bike all over Copenhagen. 


Look at me, living my best life. 
This top was comfy, easy to throw on, NOT sheer (so you can go braless.) I felt chic and it took me .2 seconds to think of this outfit. 

These stunning fringe earrings have now been added to my "amazing earrings Zaful has list." They are lightweight (!!!) but not cheap looking, and they make any outfit a little more formal. I love. 

The fancier striped top is definitely heavier, it has more fabric which I love. Also the little tie thing at the front is cute but I just tied it and then pushed it in. 

And now for the bikini... I LOVED IT. I can't even believe I bought a bikini online and it fit perfectly. I am amazed. I sized up (size L) and it fit! Keep in mind I'm usually an s or m! 
Also, the bikini comes in a cute bag which I used for packing stuff for my London trip so that was adorable. And the color!!! Obsessed!!


More pics below and everything is linked! 

Much love, 


Hi Copenhagen!


I have family in Denmark that I never get to see, so when planning our London trip we decided to stop by Copenhagen before our final destination. I am so happy we did. 

We spent a few days there and it was stunning! So here, in super efficient bullet points, is what I did/recommend in Copenhagen.  

- The Little Mermaid
Is it smaller than you'd expect? Yeah. Is it crowded? Of course! Is it somewhere you need to go? Yes!! Not only is the statue itself rich in history, the area around it is breathtaking. 

My Mum looking stunning in Amalienborg 

My Mum looking stunning in Amalienborg 

- Amalienborg
Amalienborg is the home of the royal family and it is stunning! I love the open space for admiring the architecture, taking a break from all the walking, or taking pictures. 

- Nyhavn
Just the cutest place to walk, people watch, and admire the stunning 17th century architecture. 

- Kafferiet
A sweet place to grab a cup of coffee! And it's close to the little mermaid, perfect for a break from all the walking. 


- Islands Brygge Harbour Bath
It was the strangest thing- we were biking by the river when I saw public pools with people actually playing in the water. In the middle of the city. It was not warm, but my grandma told me that whenever the sun is out Danish people relish in it. So if you're up for a dip in cold water with an amazing view of the city's skyline, there you go! 


- Vesterbro
Named one of the hippest neighborhoods in the world, you need to visit Vesterbro. My aunt happens to live there which is amazing because I PRETENDED LIKE I WAS A COOL DANISH LOCAL! That is, until I tried to order coffee at Enghave Kaffe and my danish gave me away. 


- Ride a bike! 
I can't stress how bike friendly Denmark is- even the public transportation has spots for your bike. Bicycles will probably be the first thing you see when you arrive. They're everywhere and it's the most charming thing. I hadn't ridden a bike in years, but when I saw my light blue ride I knew I had to give it a try. It's a bit stressful, hauling around a bike if you're not used to it, but you'll get the hang of it and explore way more. 

- It might (will definitely) get cold.
We visited in the Summer and even then I carried around a leather jacket. Don't underestimate the danish weather!!! (Do enjoy a cup of coffee with the cool breeze though)

- Learn how to pronounce hygge correctly.
"hoo-gah." And enjoy it. 

More pics below! A huge thank you to my family for being amazing hosts and welcoming my mum and I with open arms!
Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen any time soon? Let me know!
Much love, 



I'm Back and I Have Something to Say

Hello lovely!

I'm back from my trip to London! I was there for a month taking a Summer course at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. 

It changed my life. 

A snap on my way to class 

A snap on my way to class 

I don't think I'll ever be able to express how happy I am that I went. It was a pretty crazy decision (meaning it took loads of faith)- I saved up a lot of money to go study something I had no idea about (Shakespeare) somewhere I am not familiar with (London), all in the name of... A feeling? A pull? In hindsight it sounded crazy. But it was so worth it. 

From the beginning it changed me. We flew into Denmark, where we have family, and to see them again after a decade was like getting to know a whole new side of my family. And Copenhagen is stunning. I'll get into details in the next few blog posts. 

After that we flew to London and prepared for the next day (first day of class!) Everything from the city, to the instructors, to my classmates, was perfect. It was like the confirmation I'd been waiting for. "This was the right decision. You're ok. You're on the right path." I can't express how happy I was the first day. 

The next few weeks were a dream. I fell in love with the city. I honestly didn't think I'd love London as much as I did, and now I drink tea from my mug I bought in London and relish in gloomy, rainy days. I met people who I want to know and befriend for the rest of my life. I fell in love with acting again. I reveled in Shakespeare! I walked alone (a big deal for someone who's struggled with anxiety.) I found myself again. 

I found out that I love to hug people. I like being there for others and listening and appreciating the beauty that is other people- I mean aren't humans amazing? Before I would close myself off, protect myself from looking like I was caring too much. I learned that I am bold, loud, and outgoing and I do not need to apologize for it. I learned that I can keep going even when I feel like I can't. I discovered that the world is much bigger than what I had made it.

See, I had put myself in this box. Yes, there are awesome possibilities in my life but they only stretch so far- anything more than that is crazy. Not going to college? Too crazy. Pursuing my dreams fully and boldly? Too crazy. Unapologetically being myself? Too crazy.

London stole my heart and I'm not even mad about it 

London stole my heart and I'm not even mad about it 

Yet when I was in London, my eyes were opened to the fact that I was stopping myself from living. I mean, really living. I was shrinking my possibilities by only allowing myself to think of "reachable" goals, "realistic" goals. But "realistic" will only get you so far, and I'm not trying to live a "realistic" life.

Everything is amazing. I have so much work to do, so much to prepare for, so much to think about, but everything is amazing. It's a change in perspective I didn't even realize I needed. 

I am so grateful I took this risk, so happy I allowed myself to be affected and transformed by this experience. If there's something you've been meaning to do, now is the time. If there's somewhere you feel called to, go. Save up the money. Make the plan. And do it. You won't regret it. 

More stories from my trip coming soon. For now I just wanted to let you know that RISKS ARE SO WORTH IT! 

Much love, Nikka 




The title says it all. Bandanas are in. I am not a cowgirl! I'm from the south but South America! 

Yes, I am overwhelmed. 

But the concept of bandanas is intriguing. They're the scarves of Summer. And I love scarves. Also they have been around for hundreds of years so if you think I'm not going to try this look out, THINK AGAIN. 

I've done some investigating and here's what I came up with: 

1. The "Scarf but... Summer"

This is reminiscent of gauchos, Kate Moss, and Audrey Hepburn. Tie it around your neck as mosquito protection, as a neck accessory that's not a necklace, and as a way to remind everyone of your superior style skills. Add a white top, run out the door, and onto your horse. 

link to photo credits: http://rareaudreyhepburn.com/post/59538541151/director-william-wyler-touches-up-audrey-hepburns

link to photo credits: http://rareaudreyhepburn.com/post/59538541151/director-william-wyler-touches-up-audrey-hepburns

2. The "It's too hot but I can't wear a messy bun again"

Bruce Springsteen did it. Justin Bieber did it. This cat did it. (Click on the cat picture if Springsteen or Bieber aren't your thing.) Surely I can do it too. 
Also I didn't know Bruce Springsteen was like... really good looking? I need to get it together. 

Link to photo credit: http://bieberbound.tumblr.com/post/152193029683

Link to photo credit: http://bieberbound.tumblr.com/post/152193029683

3. The "Beyoncé" 

Photo link credit: https://www.bustle.com/articles/72338-5-early-2000s-trends-you-always-wanted-to-rock-but-your-parents-refused-to-let-you 

Photo link credit: https://www.bustle.com/articles/72338-5-early-2000s-trends-you-always-wanted-to-rock-but-your-parents-refused-to-let-you 

For the advanced- how does it work? I'm mesmerized. Beyoncé, tell me your secrets. And say hi to the twins for me. 

4. The "It's a bandana so really just throw it on stop overthinking Nikka" 

Your foot. Your purse. Your pants. This can't be that hard to mess up... Can it? 

As for where to get bandanas, Madewell has some cute ones, Free People has this gorgeous banana bandana I want, and Wal Mart has the bandana I'm probably going to get. We're balling on a budget! 

Thanks for reading my minor breakdown over bandanas! I feel better now.


I'll see myself out. 

Photo credit: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/DENIMBAR/straightlegperfectsummerjeans/PRD~G3831/G3831.jsp?srcCode=MWPINT0219&crlt.pid=camp.mUWJBeeY9432

Photo credit: https://www.madewell.com/madewell_category/DENIMBAR/straightlegperfectsummerjeans/PRD~G3831/G3831.jsp?srcCode=MWPINT0219&crlt.pid=camp.mUWJBeeY9432

Photo credit: https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2016/11/tuesday-ten-november-style-tips-3/

Photo credit: https://laurenconrad.com/blog/2016/11/tuesday-ten-november-style-tips-3/