A Concept: Sweatpants to the Club

I looove to go out. Not for drinking or meeting people or anything like that- I just love to dance. Since turning 21 I’ve been able to go out with my friends and I feel like I’ve discovered the best possible club outfit: Sweatpants.

Listen! Athleisure is so trendy right now which means sweatpants to the club has become a LOOK. That + the fact that I can actually dance in my sweatpants and stay comfy all night? Are you kidding me? I’m never wearing a tight dress again.

Throw your sweatpants on with your favorite sneakers + a crop top for Edgewood, or if you’re going to the Buckhead bars add a sleek, tight top (like this one) and some booties. Just wear shoes you don’t care about messing up, because club floors are nasty.

So here: Three sweatpants looks (ok, biker shorts for one) to get you grabbing your old high school sweatpants and switching them up.

And if you scroll down, you’ll see evidence of me actually wearing this stuff going out. Because I believe in the vision.

Yes, this is the Bartaco bathroom (we do dinner here before going out like ALL the time)

Yes, this is the Bartaco bathroom (we do dinner here before going out like ALL the time)

Go Bartaco!!!!

Go Bartaco!!!!

My Recent Shocking Beauty Discoveries.

Sometimes you deviate from your normal beauty routine and try something completely random. These little moments of invention and discovery tend to come veiled as an afterthought or happen out of necessity, but then they work and it’s beautiful.

That’s been happening to me a lot lately, and there’s some I can’t keep to myself, as TMI as they may be. So here we go!!

Lavender Oil
This tip comes from my amazing artist babe Valheria. Whenever we go dancing I usually end up sleeping over at her house and waking up ridiculously early in the morning because I’m just used to it. I drag my body to her bathroom, get scared of what I see in the mirror, and wonder if I’ll ever look alive again.
Here comes the potion she has on her counter: Lavender oil. Specifically, a basic toner with a few drops of lavender oil. I’ve tried both- the toner and the straight up lavender oil and they breathe life into my up-until-5-am face.

Unlikely heroes.

Unlikely heroes.

Old Spice 3 in 1 shampoo
I was staying at Valheria’s again and all her shampoo and conditioner ran out, all that was left was a random bottle of Old Spice 3 in 1 wash. That’s right, men have exactly one product that does 3 things, meanwhile women have two separate conditioners, shampoo, and about six exfoliants and washes that specifically target each crevice of our bodies.
But anyways.
I was unsure, especially because my hair has been thriving thanks to Formulate and I didn’t want to mess it up. But I used it and my hair actually felt really good, better than most of the other haircare products I’ve tried. I’m not saying go out and buy it- but if you happen to be in a position where that’s the only option, you have nothing to be scared of.

Tea tree toothpaste + Coconut Oil
I was about to step into the shower after my workout, looked at my underarms and was like “ugh I wish I could whiten these before the commercial I have to shoot today. Because what if they’re like lift your arms!” Looking back I was being paranoid because it was a winter shoot and a hot sauce commercial, but I get nervous!!
I half heartedly rummaged through my beauty cabinet, not sure what I was looking for, and found this organic tea tree toothpaste. I remembered how tea tree oil is an antibacterial and figured maybe this random Australian toothpaste wasn’t that different, so I mixed it with coconut oil and put it on my underarms for like fifteen minutes.
It worked. I was shook. Since then I try to do it once a week. I’ve tried with baking soda and lemon, both work well and I feel ready for next Summer. Kind of early, but ready.

Brown Eyeliner for Bushy Brows
You KNOW I have fluffy, bushy, hairy brows. It’s just a fact. I typically use Colourpop’s brow pomade for my brows, but one day I was in a hurry getting ready for a night out and all I had was my $1 dark brown eyeliner from Ulta. Like, the most basic eyeliner pencil possible.
I sharpened it, started enhancing my arch, and realized it was looking VERY good.
It’s a great method if you have bushy brows like me and not enough time to spend giving them shape.

And one beauty fail: Don't use roll-on perfume as lip balm because you’re desperate. I did it and continually tasted flowers in my mouth for a good six hours. I was also convinced I had poisoned myself.

K love you bye!

My Best Hair Ever with Formulate.

I have never been the kind of person to do much with my hair. I wake up, wash it (albeit I now wash it way less thanks to the well needed advice of my hairstylist), and go. It’s not fancy, I rarely spend a lot of money on it, and I mostly let it do it’s thing.

Formulate co hair

But lately it’s gotten very long and Formulate decided to help me out.

They sent me my own personalized shampoo + conditioner set. Full disclosure: I was skeptical. I mean, how different can shampoos be from one another? It just cleans your hair, right?
I am willing to accept my wrongs.
My hair was noticeably different. Soft, glossier, and way smoother. Also it’s grown crazy fast. I’m getting “your hair is so long!” comments on the daily LOL.



The texture of the product at first shocked me, because my blend felt way thinner than what I usually use. But I stuck with it and the results are there, which left me shook.

Plus, the two bottles come in a dreamy package with a cute infographic on exactly what is in your blend, how it helps you, and what your specific hair needs are. And they are paraben, sulfate, preservative, and cruelty free.

So, my honest review: Buy it if you’re not currently happy with any of the haircare products you’ve been trying, and if you have some extra money to spend!

Fall Scents that aren't pumpkin

If you love pumpkin, look away, click somewhere else, maybe buy this cute velvet top. Don’t continue reading.

Now that the pumpkin patriarchs are gone, let’s get this started. I love Fall. The light breeze, the changing colors of leaves (if global warming will let us see that again… It’s currently 90 degrees in Atlanta), the sweet activities. But I’m not a fan of pumpkin anything.

My man is a pumpkin fiend- pumpkin spiced lattes are something he squeals about (not kidding), and I love seeing him living his best life. But when I’m in Target, looking for a new candle, and there’s literally nothing except Pumpkin Dreams, Pumpkin Spiced Bread, and Pumpkin After Halloween Night… I start to resent the orange vegetable (or fruit? Let me know in the comments.)

So here, 5 Fall Scents that aren’t pumpkin:

I love honey, and I love the scent of honey. Caleb bought me a honeycomb that sometimes, when I want a super light dessert, I’ll cut a bit off, eat the honey, and chew on the comb for a while. This candle has good reviews on Amazon,

overflow lindbergh candle co

The Outdoors
Have I ever gone camping? No. Have I ever hiked more than two hours? No. Will that stop me from scenting my sweet apartment with smokey, cabin-y smells? No, no, no.
This candle describes itself as a romantic night by the campfire which sounds wonderful to me, just exchange campfire with Netflix. Lit Bklyn is always wonderful and woman-owned, which means “Beau” is going to be what you'd want your man to smell like.

Cane Sugar
This isn’t just about candles. I love the idea of pure, raw sugar cane in a fragrance, which you can find here. Everglow is also a yummy, sugary scent for Fall mornings.

blackbird incense

”Fig?” You say. Yes, fig! Apparently figs are the new avocado. Evidence is here, here, and here.
I have a friend who loves incense and her apt always smells dreamy and exotic, so here’s a very cool incense brand to satisfy your fig fantasies. For traditional scent-smellers, this black fig soy candle should do the trick. Omg and these that are on sale!

We’re taking it back to old faithful: Bath and body works has surprisingly good hand soaps I like to keep in stock for making washing my hands an experience. This one has a yummy apple scent.

There you go, some inspo for amazing and unique Fall scents. Send this list to your bf/mom and have them buy candles for you as an early bday present!

Smile Brilliant At Home Teeth Whitening Review

Coffee Atlanta

My relationship with my smile has changed so many times throughout the years.
Growing up, I had a gap, crooked teeth, and yet I smiled, laughed, and was my loud self because I really didn’t care.
Throughout my teen years I cared a bit more and I’m now unlearning that, but interestingly, my teeth were straightened.
No braces, and no, they’re not perfect at all, but no gap, and a pretty great smile that I flash constantly.
The only issue with my smile now is my every day consumption of this thing called coffee.

Every day, twice or three times a day, no cream no sugar, thank you!
As much as I love my morning, post- lunch, and afternoon ritual of coffee, I know it’s been staining my teeth. I’m not willing to say no to my cup of joy just yet, so I looked to teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpastes- even oil pulling and charcoal powder. None worked the way I wanted them to.

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening review

When Smile Brilliant reached out and offered to send me a teeth whitening kit I was doubtful at first because I had tried everything. But then I realized just how LEGIT they are.
They sent me a kit to make my own molds so the custom fitted whitening trays fit my smile perfectly. I was shook.

Smile Brilliant is vegan and cruelty free, which was a huge factor in me agreeing to try the product out or not. They also have incredible customer service, and were quick with the shipping, which I appreciated!

Now I whiten my teeth almost every night for 45 min to an hour and a half, depending on how much time I have. The package that came in the mail was so informative, and the little syringes make me feel like a mad scientist in the middle of my bathroom. It’s also really pretty and I’ve enjoyed incorporating it into my nighttime routine.

I’m shocked at how the appearance of my smile has already changed in a week. It’s not just that they are whiter, they feel cleaner and healthier.

Here’s some before and after pics to show my progress in the past week!

Smile Brilliant teeth whitening before
Teeth whitening smile brilliant


The sweet, sweet people at Smile Brilliant gave me the opportunity to share this incredible teeth whitening system with you through a giveaway!!!
Here’s the link: https://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/myclosetetc
The winner will be selected and contacted via email. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


If you don’t believe in leaving things to chance, use my coupon code for 15% off your own teeth whitening kit: myclosetetc

Curiosofia on Creativity.

There is something curious about creativity, you know? How so many times it feels just like magic.

In the end, every single time we humans stand in front of something we can't explain, we tend to perceive it as a sort of magic. As something that lies just right outside of the boundaries of our understanding. And only after we overcome awe, we start working in trying to figuring it out.

But more remarkable for me, than the magical aspect of creativity, is the fact that you can actually feel it. You've been there: that precise moment in which you get struck by an idea, and there is this tickling sensation in your brain, this sudden heat all over your head that makes you feel so good. I think you can relate, right?

Cartagena doors

Now, the thing is that although most of us enjoy the idea of being creative, we don't know how. No one taught us. Even worse, for some reason, we just started believing that some people are creative and some are not... As if it were a matter of chance, or fate.

Good news is that it's not like that. Creativity is not a gift, it’s an ability, and you can train and work it out to make it stronger. That is precisely what we want to teach you this September, in a place that is so full of magic that we can't think of a better match: Cartagena.

Join us for a life-changing experience, in which you will get a better understanding of how creativity works, and how you can spark it up in your everyday activities to make them more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Learn how to set your mind to a creative frequency, have more -and better- ideas, improve them, overcome mental blocks, think differently and effectively make conscious decisions.

All of this, through a whimsical mix of knowledge, practical exercises, proven methods, techniques and a lot of playing.

So, I hope we'll get to make some creative magic together in a magical place... see you in Cartagena!

- Mario Ramírez is the General Manager of Curiosofía, a colombian consultancy agency, that offers both professional training and other services in creativity, branding and strategic communications. He and Ana, his wife, will be leading the private workshop we'll have in Cartagena!

Color: Blues

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 4.53.21 PM.png

I've been looking over my outfits and have found a sad, gaping hole: there's no blue. Yes, denim. But not blue!
My ex favorite color... Society tricked us into thinking pink was girly and therefore weak, and blue was strong. And I wanted to be seen as strong, so blue. 
Now, if you ask, it fluctuates between neutrals like beige, white, and black, and yellow, peach, and blush pink. Nevertheless, justice for blue!!!! 

I was looking through And I Get Dressed's feed, our inventory, and even my own face and found a bit of inspiration for choosing blue. It's not that it's dead- it's just resting, letting millennial pink have it's moment. But isn't it so pretty to look at? 

Turquoise + orange is a DREAM on Courtney

Turquoise + orange is a DREAM on Courtney

Amber bought this jacket from My Closet etc and made it her own. 

Amber bought this jacket from My Closet etc and made it her own. 

New York photog
Alek wek for V magazine

Alek wek for V magazine

Blue is actually easy on the eyes- shocking, I know. 

Blue is actually easy on the eyes- shocking, I know. 

Sarah letting the blue be in the sky- which, by the way is so beautiful

Sarah letting the blue be in the sky- which, by the way is so beautiful

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.11.58 PM.png
Avail in "etc"

Avail in "etc"

This is a denim moodboard if I ever saw one

This is a denim moodboard if I ever saw one

Jessy's hair. Amazing. 

Jessy's hair. Amazing. 

cartagena experience my closet etc

So, will you be wearing blue bit more this week? 



Giveaway w/ Formulate

Formulate co

Ok so exciting, exciting news: Formulate launched recently and I am AMAZED. 

Formulate creates personal care products engineered just for you. My hair is completely unique, so it deserves something more than whatever I pick up at Target, right? 
I took a quiz on what they call the "hair wizard", where they asked me about my hair type, what do I want to improve, where do I live (for weather conditions), and what scent did I want (or unscented.) Turns out, I have oily roots and dry ends and I am desperate for shine + anti frizz. 
Then they formulated a completely customized shampoo and conditioner, just for ME! I feel so special. 

You know I've been struggling with my hair recently, so this came at the perfect time. If you want your own customized shampoo and conditioner, enter my giveaway HERE
If you're not the kind of person to leave things to chance, I have a limited amount of invite codes so you can get your very own customized haircare. DM, email me, or comment below if you want one!

So much love,


Experimenting with Dry Shampoos (2 Winners, 3 Sad Faces)

The new hair

The new hair

I darkened my hair recently (thank you to the beautiful Briana Hebeisen, sweet angel, fantastic hairstylist, and connector of people) and I love it! I feel like I look like an Italian film star! I feel more connected to my latin roots! I feel like I belong in a foreign film, chewing on a lemon while some man tells me he loves me!

So yes, the hair, I love. The not washing it? 


I used to wash my hair every day (yes, I know you're gasping, I'm sorry I disappointed you, Jonathan Van Ness.) But it's only because I work out every day! Like, I'm sorry I don't want to walk around with a sweaty, humid mess on my head for the rest of my life. That being said, I knew I'd have to change my ways if I wanted to keep my glossy, dark color. In come the recommendations from friends, family, and strangers in the target aisle for great dry shampoos. Here, a list of five I tried and two I fell in love with. 

1. Not Your Mother's Beach Babe dry shampoo
Ok, the smell is great. That's just a fact. I feel like I had to put way too much on for my hair to be not so greasy, but once I did my hair looked pretty good and nicely textured. 

Cruelty free

IGK Dry Shampoo

2. IGK Direct Flight Multi-Tasking dry shampoo
First of all, always trust your hairstylist. Briana recommended IGK's dry shampoo, and, for the first time ever, I bought it. I usually just nod and say "yeah ok" and get the cheapest things, but I knew if I wanted to keep this hair I'd have to commit! Ok honey! 
Let's talk packaging- It makes me feel like I'm living in my dream apartment, post workout (at Equinox, of course), pre coffee run. 
There is so much product and you only need a bit- no residue, delicious smell, and it sucks up enough oil so I can wait three days between washes. 
I kind of want to try the deepest cleanse that comes after this one, which is called "First Class." It boasts a hefty amount of charcoal to really suck all the oil out. I also just want more pretty packaging. 

Cruelty free

3. Tresemmé Fresh Start Volumizing dry shampoo
I should have known. I should HAVE KNOWN. And yet, like a child playing with an electric socket, I thought "what's the worse that could happen?" 
tangled, sticky, clumpy hair. 

Not cruelty free

dry shampoo review

4. Batiste Original dry shampoo
Everyone talks about Batiste like they invented dry shampoo. It was invented around the late 15th century in Asia, people were using clay in their hair. Minipoo was the O.G, which was the first commercially avail dry shampoo. It popped up in the 1940s. 
But anyways. 
The smell reminds me of hand soap- it has like a citrus smell, but chemical-y, and it just builds my hair up but doesn't clean it? 

Not cruelty free (claim they are, but they sell in China which requires animal testing by law.)

5. Aveda Shampure dry shampoo
Oh my goodness, so disappointing. I was excited because the packaging is better for the environment (non-aerosol), but it literally did not work, did not absorb anything, and was way too much $$. 

Cruelty free

What are your fav haircare brands? And don't forget to recycle your aerosol cans when you're done with them!

3 Summer Outfits To Wear Right Now

Sometimes I get in a stylist mood.. I just want to suddenly style all the gorgeous pieces I post here and share them with everyone. And when that happens, I throw them together to show you, like a proud preschooler who just came back from arts and crafts with a macaroni self portrait. 

Autumn Tones But For Summer... But Also It's Too Hot Outside Where Is Fall 

I fully believe mustard and yellow tones brighten up any outfit and make it WAY more exciting. Next time, add a pop of yellow and see how it switches your outfit up. 


I Will Dress Like I'm On A Yacht Because That's Where I Mentally Am 

This is my nautical look! Do you like it? I'm picturing 70's Italian film star, on a yacht, waving at Sofia Loren.


Statement Earrings Fix Everything! Not Kidding!

This is a classic look- bright, bold statement earrings + a pared down top and denim. The dark basic tones make the earrings the masterpiece and your face the canvas. Love. 

Beachy Clean.
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