My name is Nikka. 

I love to do anything creative and see the good that can come out of every situation. I'm from Colombia and I'm an artist (singing, acting, writing- anything and everything).  

Anyways, I've wanted to have my own clothing line since I was 3, but I figured I'd end up doing it when I became an "adult". I started vintage shopping at about 14, and I figured out, why not put my "thrifting eye" to good use and give others the opportunity to own unique vintage pieces? 

I love vintage because probably no one else will have what you're wearing. Vintage clothes have stories behind them; they bring character to an outfit. My Closet etc. believes in expression through style. We applaud uniqueness and encourage you to discover a style that is perfectly you. All we hope to do is help you find pieces that fit your style, and remind everyone to spread positivity, originality, and of course, a you sense of style. 

If you're curious about what happens in my slightly crazy, very fun life, check out my stuff:

Instagram: @NikkaDuarte

Twitter: @NikkaDuarte